A Taste of SAGE

SAGE Culinary Committee Creates New Opportunities for PCA Parents and Students


Maia Brown

Students give their opinions on their favorite Sage dining item.

A vital aspect of students’ health and overall state of mind is food. SAGE dining service works to provide PCA students with a variety of food options for students to choose from. Students now have the ability to participate and influence the food choices given to them through the creation of the SAGE Culinary Committee.

The faculty leader of the SAGE Culinary Committee, Mrs. Finkelstein, said the committee “is made up of students from fifth grade to twelfth grade, parents and faculty, and will meet at least once a quarter. They will be given the opportunity to review the SAGE seasonal menu and discuss their preferences.” Parents and students alike have an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas. 

“The members will be the student voice for SAGE. They will also, in turn, help promote using the SAGE App and give students feedback. They will hear about special menus and cooking demonstrations that SAGE would like to do and give feedback on those,” said Mrs. Finkelstein. The committee gives its participants an ability to lead and work together with others for the purpose of increasing student satisfaction with their food choices. 

Mrs. Finkelstein stresses the fact that “The students are the ones eating the food, so it is important for our SAGE team to understand the likes and dislikes of the consumers.” The voice of representatives of the student body is vital. Student participation in the committee reduces the likelihood of students being unable to find something they would like to eat during lunch.

“This is an opportunity for students to learn more about the SAGE program and for the SAGE team to hear the opinions of the students,” said Mrs. Finkelstein. The committee is a place for creativity to soar and where a diversity of ideas are expressed, which has the effect of ensuring a healthy and happy student body.