A Hero’s Homecoming

Homecoming 2021 Stirs Up Excitement

This years theme for Homecoming 2021 is a heros homecoming which commemorates all the veterans and people who are currently in service.

Matthew Mitchell

This year’s theme for Homecoming 2021 is a hero’s homecoming which commemorates all the veterans and people who are currently in service.

Every year, homecoming is one of the most anticipated and extravagant events at PCA. The theme of Homecoming this year is “A Hero’s Homecoming.”  The theme honors the branches of the United States military and their families. SGA wanted to show respect for those who are serving now and who have served our country.

The usual festivities of Homecoming will follow suit, “All the float and hallway decorations will represent a different branch of the military. The parade will have veterans in the parade. The hallways will honor PCA alumni who have served along with any PCA student with a family member who has served” said Mrs. Amy Lumley, Upper School Science Teacher. 

Homecoming is a tradition that is always held dear to alumni because it offers a chance for them to return to campus and see their teachers and underclassmen friends. However, A Hero’s Homecoming will honor more than just normal alumni, it will honor alumni who serve their country. 

2019 Alumni Nicholas Oney joined the United States Navy soon after graduating. Nick said, “I wanted to learn structure and discipline to be able to better myself and set me up for my life after.” He did not even know he wanted to join, but when the opportunity was presented to him, the idea of serving his country was enticing. The rigorous training has shaped him into a different, more disciplined man. “The Navy has changed me almost too much, nothing could have prepared me for it. I had to quickly learn how to be more independent and accountable for all my actions, and how to stay focused on the bigger picture.” 

Alumni like Nick are the reason for the Homecoming theme this year. The theme is an honorable mention of those who responded to a brave and difficult calling to serve others first.