Only in Texas

All you need to know about mums and garters


Maia Brown

PCA Senior girls pose for a photo with their mums.

Homecoming, the best part of the year! Homecoming is the event when  everyone gets together and has a great time. One of most people’s favorite part of homecoming is getting to wear a mum and garter. It is exciting  to express yourself with yours. You create your very own mum or garter, or create one for your date. The mum and garter exchange typically happens the Wednesday before homecoming.Sophomore Julia Pickett says, “It’s exciting to go to the exchange because it’s fun to see what your date designed for you.” 

When customizing your mum or garter you get to pick different things. For example if you or your date is into baseball, you can do a baseball theme for your garter. A way to accomplish a theme would be by adding a baseball to the hand of the lion or getting a baseball ribbon, or if your date is a cheerleader you can get her a bear with poms. There are so many options for   decorations you can add. Keep in mind, the mums are more expensive since they are so much bigger. Speaking of size, you also get to pick how big or small you want to design it. Freshman Gabriela Oliver says, “I like mine big but not to where you can’t walk.” It just depends on the person. 

Mum and garters are a purely Texas tradition, so of course you have to go all out! The students wear them to the parade on friday and game that night. Sophomore Alexis Wilson says, “I make sure to get one every year not only to just wear that day, but to keep them as a memory for years later on.” It is also a great way to remember who you went with that year, if you went with a date, to go back and look at it when you’re an adult.