Searching for the Solution

Middle School FPS prepares for their upcoming season


PCA Students of all ages display their creative natures and intellectual capacities in the Future Problem Solvers program (FPS). Students research and take on various topics presented to them in order to successfully compete in the Global Issues Problem Solving, Scenario Performance, and/or Scenario Writing competitions.

Mrs. Trudy Reed, the Middle School FPS faculty sponsor said “Teaching FPS has made me realize that “how” the next generation approaches the problems they face in life will be essential. With the combination of prayer and high-level thinking, our kids have endless possibilities.” The diversity of ideas that stems from the variety of students participating in the program has the potential to address current and future world issues. 

The Middle School FPS program develops the minds of students to think critically and creatively, but the program does not only have intellectual results. Mrs. Reed says that “we have the capability of teaching students’ skills that are desired in society and can make them valuable leaders in our society.” 

Last year, Graham Rosenwald, Lucas Wendorf, Gavin Chen, and Luke Wilson, became the first middle division state champions for PCA. “I am blessed to watch them learn and then get rewarded for their hard work by getting invited to compete at state, placing at state level, or even competing at the international competition,” said Mrs. Reed. The members’ hard work is showing in their competition results. 

Mrs. Reed said, “Our first practice competition is over the topic of Water Supply and will be on October first. Our second competition will be on November eighth on the topic of Building Green. Then our State Qualifying competition will be on January twenty-fifth on the topic of Insects.” Middle School members are using their God-given talents to strive for excellence and represent PCA well.