Lions on the Road

License to Drive, A Highlight of Sophomore Year

Eager to get on the road, many teens are excited about getting their license. For most teenagers driving means freedom. It means having control over where you go and when you arrive and leave. It means no more relying on friends to take you, and no more calling your mom to come pick you up. When turning sixteen, the only thing on the mind of a teen is the magical day when driving becomes a possibility. 

Because of a Summer birthday, Sophomore AJ Depaolo has enjoyed driving his friends around for awhile now. After getting his license, the first place he headed was his friend’s house. He immediately felt the freedom as he drove there and back without a parent or guardian. 

Sophomore Tyler Murphy, not being able to wait another day, got his license on his birthday. He couldn’t wait to get on the road and drive around. “My favorite part about having a license is being able to drive my friends around and look cool,” said Tyler.

What a feeling it is picking up a friend for the first time, it also makes getting to school much easier. Sophomore Benjamin Bower said, “I am no longer dependent on my brother Matthew to take me to school.” Time management becomes easier when you are in control of your fate. 

Jamming to music, night drives, and food runs are a few ways in which the independence and freedom of driving can help to make memories during the Upper School years which pass by in a blink of an eye.