25 Year Focus: Grandparents Day Throughout the Years

A Special Day with Grandparents, Established 2002


Aubrey Pasant

The lower school students perform in front of their grandparents.

Grandparents Day is a special day of connection between generations. Grandparents and grandchildren both look forward to celebrating this special day together every year. This event was first celebrated at PCA in 2002. All students ranging from Pre-K3 to 12th grade love to celebrate this special day with their grandparents every year. 

 In the 2002 Lion’s Lair Yearbook, PCA Alumni Bethany Nelson, commented of Grandparents Day “Prestonwood Christian Academy has started a great tradition to make a connection between generations.” Former Head of School, Dr. Larry Taylor, said in 2002, “I love to see the different generations connect. There is nothing like seeing the eyes of a grandparent focused on a grandchild. It is the ultimate picture of love.”

 Over the years, Grandparents Day has grown to include a special time in the classroom for all students in grades Pre-K-6 where they get to participate in fun activities with their grandparents. Students in grades 7-12 get to enjoy a special reception with their grandparents. The highlight of the day is All School Worship where grandparents and students get to worship side by side. 

 Kindergarten Hybrid student Jackson McCollum said, “I get to sit with my grandma and grandpa,” was his favorite part about Grandparents Day. The Lower, Middle and Upper School students love showing their grandparents their classrooms and introducing them to their teachers. Students recite Bible verses from memory and play fun games. It’s a great way for grandparents to connect and bond with their grandchild plus they get to see a glimpse of what student life is like at PCA.

 Overall, Grandparents Day is a great annual tradition that started in 2002 and that everyone continues to enjoy today. Teachers love being able to see their students connect with their grandparents and the students love hanging out with their grandparents. This year’s Grandparents Day was a lot of fun and an amazing celebration of tradition.