Growing That College Spirit

How to become more involved in your college and university’s community this Fall

For many Seniors, college is right around the corner. As students begin deciding which school they will commit to and start learning about its community, there is some fear about fitting in with the environment. A great way to get to know a college and university’s community better is to become more involved in it. That said, here are some ways to become a part of the college environment.

First, a student should consider joining some clubs. Clubs allow students to get to know other students, some new and some returning, who have the same interests as they do. Not only do clubs promote participation in community activities and development, but they also encourage people to reach out and grow with each other in what they collectively see as a passion of theirs. Colleges and universities offer countless clubs for students to join starting as Freshmen. Another positive aspect of associating with a club as a Freshman is being able to remain in the same club all four years, maybe even taking some leadership positions and expanding the club’s impact along the way.

Second, connect with other students in class. There is no stronger connection than the connection between students who suffer and thrive with each other throughout the same class. Making these connections opens up resources for both present and future opportunities. Everyone at a college and university is going somewhere, so it is always nice to be able to maintain relationships with classmates for the possibility of collaboration and help in the future.

Third, get connected with a church community. While the college experience itself presents students with many opportunities to become involved in campus life, it is always important to search for ways to interact with the college and university’s city or town where it is located. One way to do this is to find a church home. This not only allows for spiritual growth with new people who can provide different insight and support to what it means to serve God, but it is also the perfect opportunity to invite other students to attend. This way, students can connect with both the community outside and inside of their college and university all while growing closer to the Lord.

These are only a few of the ways students can become more involved with their college and university community when they embark on their undergraduate careers. Soon enough, students will begin to feel at home as they develop relationships and connections that will last them a lifetime.