The Life of Being 16

Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Driver’s Test

When turning 16, the only thing on a teen’s mind is driving. The freedom teens gain when they get their driver’s license is a blast. Sophomore Julia Shivers said, “The feeling of being able to drive by yourself, listening to music in the car with friends, quick Sonic runs, and so much more is an amazing experience.”

By the age of 16, most teenagers are ready to drive and tackle this excellent experience. I believe kids driving at 16 reduces stress on families, especially since their parents don’t have to drive them everywhere. Driving at 16 brings growth and maturity into a kid’s life. Learning how to drive can be a little scary and a difficult process; there are a lot of skills to learn such as: being constantly aware, knowing directions, putting blinkers on, knowing what each road sign means, knowing the speed limit, etc. Sophomore Avery Rayman said, “I am so nervous for my driver’s test, but as long as I follow the rules I know I will be fine.” If a teen starts driving without knowing the rules of the road, it could be rough.

Teenagers don’t have to go in person to take classes and learn how to drive; they can take an online course to get to know the basics before getting into the driver’s seat. Because of this, it is a lot easier to get a permit, and teens can get more practice with parents/driving instructors.

The day a teenager gets their driver’s license can be nerve-racking. There could be a long wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles just to take a 10-minute test. Although the feeling that you get when the instructor tells you that you passed is worth it, it is a long, nerve-racking process to get there.

Driving to school the first time by yourself makes you feel free. Sophomore Jocelyn Zenarosa said, “When I first started driving, I felt so grown up. It was an amazing feeling.” You feel grown up and even picking up a friend for the first time seems like the coolest thing at the time. When you get your driver’s license, you truly get to live your teenage years to the fullest by exploring and doing all the wonderful adventures you’ve always wanted to do independently. I can truly say that it’s all worth it in the end and such an amazing experience in someone’s life.