Plans For Spring Break

Activities Students Love Doing During Spring Break

Spring Break is a vacation from classes, work, stress, typically spent with friends. It’s meant for giving students a break from school and to relax. Lots of students choose to go on vacation or stay home to rest.

Some students might enjoy going skiing or going to the beach. Will Moye said, “I’m going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this year.” He is excited to go to the mountains and be in his element. Will also said, “I’ve been looking forward to this trip since last month and can’t wait to get back on the slopes.” He enjoys being in the mountains and the scenery.

Kate McCrary also enjoys going skiing during Spring Break. She said, “I would much rather travel than stay at home since I get bored so easily.” She loves being in the mountains as much as possible. Kate said, “I always look forward to going skiing every Spring Break since I was six.” She is a pro skier so once Spring Break rolls around you can count on her to be going down double blacks.

Some students enjoy staying home and taking that week to recuperate. Heaven Pace said, “I love to spend time with my family during Spring Break and sleeping in.” It is always nice to regroup during this time of the semester. She also said, “The best part of Spring Break is that there is no homework to worry about, and the warm weather is finally coming back.” Third quarter is the most stressful time, and Heaven takes advantage of this time to relax.

Other students like to go visit family during the week off. David Dastugue said, “I generally like to travel during Spring Break.” He always loves doing something adventurous. David also said, “This year I get to go to my brother’s wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to go.”

Spring Break is what everyone looks forward to during the third quarter. Some students love to be more laid back and sleep in every morning, contrary to the students who like to be out and about. Spring Break is a good time for students to rest, and it is the perfect start to the last quarter of the school year.