PCA Goes Hybrid

The Launch Of The New Hybrid School And What It Includes

The leadership of Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) works hard to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for students. Recently, PCA has expanded its school system to include a blended learning model. A blend of in-person classes and asynchronous learning at home will provide new options for students. According to the school’s website, “Prestonwood Christian Academy Hybrid will provide a specialized delivery platform and learning design for its students.” A structure like this will benefit students and families who realized the benefits of learning at home during the spring of 2020 and who prefer a blended learning environment.

PCA Hybrid is a combination of blended and project-based learning. Students will enter an environment that encourages the active exploration of real-world challenges by way of projects. Students will be on campus three days a week and two days a week will be satellite days where learning takes place at home.

The PCA Hybrid leadership has made careful plans to take into consideration how the students and school will flourish together. According to their website, “PCA Hybrid currently serves grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, 5 and 6. Additional grades will be added as students advance.” PCA Plano followed this progression when it was first established in 1997. Likewise, PCA North opened seven years ago and has been adding one grade per year. This process has been successful in the past, so PCA Hybrid is anticipating success as they pursue the same expansion model.

Another reason for PCA Hybrid’s anticipated success is those who are spearheading this project. PCA Hybrid Principal Bill Wendl and the Director of PCA Online (formerly PCAplus) Chad Nichols work long hours, ensuring that the school will launch and operate effectively. These two, along with Administrative Assistant Koko Carroll, Admissions Associate Kathi Wagnon, and Student Services Associate Courtney Willingham, will create a sturdy foundation for PCA Hybrid to improve and grow with time. Students will be able to experience the unique design of the school, the flexibility it offers, and the biblical worldview it provides while developing students who are more self-directed in their learning.