Here, But Not Here

Remote Learning Opens New Doors For Students To Learn At Home

The past year has been a time of uncertainty for everyone, and Upper School students are no exception. COVID-19 has greatly impacted school attendance, and a new alternative to being in-person is remote learning. Teachers and administration have done an excellent job organizing remote learning and making sure it is held to the same high standards as on-campus attendance.

Just because a student is at home doesn’t warrant them any special privileges; students who opt for remote learning are expected to participate like in-person students. Upper School Online Facilitator Jessica Tunnell explains the requirements for remote students. “Upper School Remote Learners are held to the same standards of attendance, participation, and academics as their in-person classmates. They are required to log in on time, be wearing their school uniform, and be seated at a table or desk. Remote Learners are also required to complete all assignments and assessments on time. PCA has equipped each teacher with a classroom iPad and personal AirPods to promote active engagement and open communication,” said Ms. Tunnell. Despite the benefits, remote learning comes with its challenges as well. Technology can at times be very unpredictable. Students and teachers alike have to conquer the unpredictability of devices, Wi-Fi and internet. Remote learning is new for many students also, so some students need some guidance to get them on track, and Ms. Tunnell also does an excellent job with supporting remote students. “Remote Learning is a new experience for everyone, so a big part of my job is walking new Remote Learners through our processes. Whether it be directing students to Zoom links, troubleshooting technology glitches, or connecting students with their Advisory teachers, each day brings new opportunities for growth,” said Ms. Tunnell.

PCA has put into place many regulations to keep all students engaged whether they find themselves at home or on campus. Remote learning is a viable option for many students in this time, and schools are doing their best to keep student engagement high.