Lights, Camera, Action

Pom Premier and Competition

The Pom Squad worked hard this year to have a chance at winning competitions this season. The dances were practiced to perfection and they gave it their all at the competition in Argyle.

They were ready bright and early Saturday morning to compete against some of the best squads in the metroplex. Everyone was on edge for their upcoming performances, and the squad was hoping for some great wins just like last year. The squad performed with excellence and won first place in the state competition last year, so the team was hoping for the same outcome this year as well.

When asked about the preparation for the competition, Senior Chloe Caldwell said, “We start working on our dances the summer before school starts. Then in January, we re-choreograph the dances to make sure they are the best they can be.” One challenge that the team had to overcome was a new coach after Thanksgiving break. Not only did the team still need to perfect their dances, but they also had to connect with the new coach. Fortunately the new coach, PCA Alumna Mrs. Jennifer Amburn, who is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, has something to offer to the team. Few things changed, but the dances became more energetic and lively.

The team put on a great performance at the competition. The dances were fun to watch and the tricks were crowd-pleasers. The team came away with a third place team win and a duet second place trophy. A great performance to watch and hopefully it won’t be the end for Pom!