Mock Trial’s Winning Season

Mock Trial Regional and Semifinal Competitions in 2021

Mock Trial teaches the critical skill of being able to tear apart a case, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. It is speech and persuasive argumentation on an entirely new level where only the best of the best succeed.

“This year, we had a legal case involving a missing man, his tigers, and his sanctuary employees. Was he killed by a jealous worker or did he just take a trip on his boat at the wrong time, getting killed by the passing storm?” said PCA’s Mock Trial Coach Kim Stidham. The students compete as both the Defense and the Prosecution side of this case, preparing direct and cross examination questions and answers and pick the best facts from the case that will make their side look the best. Each student has to be prepared to answer all the questions the opposing counsel could throw at them on the spot in the most concise and convincing way possible.

PCA’s Mock Trial team has prepared all year for Regionals. With hours of scrimmages against several competing schools and even a virtual competition with Yale in October, the Upper School Mock Trial team truly gave it their all.

“This year was hard to adjust to since it was online for the first time. It wasn’t easy adjusting to having to unmute and mute, entering and leaving breakout rooms, and everything else that was different with Zoom. Thankfully, with several scrimmages under our belt, we were able to go into our competition quite smoothly,” said new member of the team and witness Austin McLeod.

The first round of the competition started on Friday, January 22, and then there were two more rounds on Saturday. The team then moved on to semifinals, which took place the following weekend. On Saturday, January 30, the team competed in one more round where they advanced and headed into semifinals that same afternoon. The PCA Legal Lions finished in sixth place in the regional Mock Trial competition.

Senior Captain Ashley Pelham said, “We were super bummed that we didn’t get to go to the courthouse this year to spend our weekends competing and were stuck at home with Zoom instead. But, it was such an awesome experience being able to connect with the team as many new members joined this year! Our new coach Mrs. Stidham has been such a great addition to the team, especially in developing our witness character and acting skills.”

PCA’s team finished strong and are excited for the next year and the case that will come with it. Senior attorneys Ashley Pelham and Jack Dunnigan are getting ready to graduate this semester, and so the team is eager to recruit new members for Mock Trial’s season in 2022.