Meet The Player

Luke McGary: Varsity Basketball

What age were you when you started this sport?
I started playing basketball when I was 5 years old.

How many hours a week do you practice?
I practice between 14 and 16 hours every week.

Name one thing you are working to improve on right now.
I am working on improving my shooting and ball handling skills.

How would your teammates describe you?
My teammates would describe me as someone who has grit and determination to get the job done.

Who is your role model, and why?
My dad is my role model because he has been there for me my whole life and has helped me learn and grow in basketball and as a man.

Name a recent accomplishment you are proud of, and why?
A recent accomplishment for me was during my third game that I played this season; I got a double double against Nolan Catholic.