Get To Know The Teacher: Mrs. Ferguson

How The New Second Grade Teacher Aide Is Adjusting To PCA Culture

PCA offers many interactive and creative opportunities for children to learn, especially in Lower School, which requires lots of hands-on-board. Mrs. Lindsey Ferguson, the newest teacher’s aide for Second Grade, shares her experience as she gets involved in 2021. She said, “My job is to help the teachers have everything they need to teach and keep their focus on the students. There is a lot of copying worksheets, and I even get to help out in the classroom! So far, I’ve had a wonderful time with each class in Technology. This is my third week, so I know many more great memories are to be made.”

When discussing how God has used her in this new position, Mrs. Ferguson said, “One of my spiritual gifts is serving, so I really love being able to make the Second Grade teachers’ lives easier in any way I can. The kids are funny and sweet and the time I get to spend with them is so fun. My daughter, Ellie Ferguson, is a Second Grader in Mrs. Kelley’s class, and being able to see her during the day is an extra sweet bonus. All the other people who work here have been so gracious and welcoming, I’m loving getting to know the other teachers, aides, and staff!”

As Mrs. Ferguson adjusts to her new role in the classroom, she adds what she has learned at her job thus far and said, “I love Prestonwood’s commitment to Kingdom education! God’s Word truly saturates every lesson and the atmosphere of the classrooms. This is an amazing blessing for the kids, but also for the teachers and faculty.”

Mrs. Ferguson eagerly joins the Second Grade team at the Lower School. With all the excitement working with young children brings, it will be amazing to see how she can further the success of our students.