Lights, Camera, Action!

Film & Broadcasting Ups Their Game for Never-Before Filmed Events


Aubrey Pasant

Dalton Chapin (10) runs the instant replay on the score board at the Homecoming football game!

The Film & Broadcasting class run by Mr. Joshua Polite has drastically changed because of COVID-19. Both Mr. Polite and his students had no choice but to adapt. While a hardship at first, filming events during COVID-19 became easier as time went on, and now the students have it down to a science.

Many events have been adapted this year in ways that were never expected. Usually, a PCA Theatre production would fill an auditorium with an audience, but now, it’s the job of Film & Broadcasting to livestream all theatre events to a virtual audience. Filming a musical or play is very different from the usual, and students had to learn new concepts to create the most enjoyable experience for the audience. “I won’t lie, it was rough at first. We had not trained to do that type of thing [Theatre], but that being said, we pulled it off. It took some work, but the kids picked up the concepts fast, so I was proud of them,” said Mr. Polite. With the Film & Broadcasting program’s effort, theatre can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home with excellent video quality. Student interviews have also changed some but are still a favorite of Film students. “I love to film interviews and B-roll and to hear people’s stories. However it is hard to talk through masks and in the microphones. Also, we must be more careful during interviews,” said Bella Perron. Filming football games is an important part of the program, and this year was more difficult than in the past because it’s harder to space out in the pressbox. While filming in the pressbox, masks are worn and hardware is sanitized.

The Film & Broadcasting program has adapted well to the current situation, and students are still enjoying the program immensely. Mr. Polite has done an excellent job teaching the students new methods to film things like never before in the program, and while COVID-19 has hindered much, it also has provided a great learning experience for the students.