Finishing Up Senior Year

The College Application Process for Upcoming Seniors

Senior year is what every student looks forward to even though college applications and deciding where you are going can be stressful. Fortunately, PCA’s college guidance counselors are extremely helpful when it comes down to the small details.

The college application process can definitely be overwhelming at times. Senior Sarah Rodgers said, “The most difficult part for me was making sure I did all my essays correctly and sent them in on time.” Using the Guidance Office to your advantage is quite helpful when you do not know where to begin in the application process. “The reason I chose my college is because I immediately fell in love with the campus since I love being around nature,” said Sarah. She will attend University of Arkansas this fall to pursue a business degree.

Choosing the right college can be a difficult decision that most Seniors have to make. Senior Dylan Jackson said, “I chose Harding University because I’m able to continue my football career, and it’s free.” He loved Harding University from the second he saw the campus and knew that this university is where he belongs for the next four years of his life. Dylan’s favorite memory from Upper School was being able to spend it with his best friends and creating lifelong memories.

Transitioning from Upper School to college is not as simple as television shows make it seem. Senior Claire Lunceford said, “Having to make a whole new routine will not be easy for me.” Creating a brand new routine is bound to be hard, and choosing a place to spend the next four years of your life is a daunting task. “What helped me choose the right college was making a pros and cons list and also all the fun traditions at Texas A&M,” said Claire. She is very familiar with the campus as well; it may be far, but not too far from home.

Senioritis, the feeling that Seniors get when they can essentially taste the end of the year that causes them to slack off, can be a struggle towards the end of the year. Thankfully for Senior Blaze Brininstool, it’s not. He said, “I’m immune to Senioritis and refuse to take part in it because I’m always on time for my classes every day.” Giving in to Senioritis is extremely tempting, especially when you know where you are going to college. He is a strong believer that the rigorous academic program at PCA has prepared us well for college. Blaze said, “The teachers here taught us to have the Heart of a Lion, especially Mrs. Barnett, because she keeps everyone in line.” Transitioning into college is a huge change. “Not having my parents be the backbone of my life will be different since I’m not sure how to live on my own,” said Blaze.

All four of these Seniors have different reasons for where and why they chose their colleges. Getting the application process started early will relieve stress, and it will help you decide sooner which college you want to attend.