It’s the Holiday Season!

An Article for Christmas Gifts for Upper School Students


Students begin to celebrate the holiday season!

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and is ready for all the festivities to come. With COVID-19 causing people to quarantine and limit travel as well as recent election strife, everyone is looking forward to a season of joy and giving.

This year we take a look at some of the gifts that Upper School students are hoping for and some past memories to reminisce on this season. There is plenty of anticipation for Christmas and now that the day is fast approaching, students can’t wait to see what the season of happiness and love brings.

Upper School students have been recalling memories of receiving gifts from their past Christmas’. Senior Chloe Caldwell remembers her sixth grade Christmas to be the best one she has had because she got Shadow, her pet cat, that year.

Upper School students made their Christmas lists early this year; jewelry and clothes are at the top of many girls’ lists. “I like meaningful gifts from friends and family,” said Chloe. She said that she would much rather receive something that possesses meaning to the person giving it to her than a random gift on a list.

After a year of turmoil, thoughtful presents seem to be the ask from many girls. On the other hand, boys have a much more simple and materialistic list this year. Junior Cade Cunningham said he was asking for a new dog this year, and Senior Max Ruley is hoping for the new iPhone 12 to replace his old one.

Christmas will be very special for Upper School students this year, allowing them to make lasting memories for many years to come. With all the chaos going on in the world, we are hoping for some peace and joy this season.