Tests on Tests on Tests! Helpful Tips for Upcoming Midterms

Advice on How to Effectively Study and Relax During Midterms Week


Midterms week is never fun, but students push through with the excitement that Christmas Break is right around the corner. This academic year has looked different. From masks to social-distancing protocols, students and teachers have adapted to many changes. However, we are thankful for the ability to be back in-person.

When it comes to midterms, students spend a lot of time studying. We stress to retain all the information we have learned within the past five months. Amidst all the stress, there must be a way to take a break during those late night study sessions.

Accredited research shows that taking study breaks has a positive effect on retention and productivity. If it is facetiming a friend or taking a walk around your neighborhood, it is recommended to put a pause on the incessant studying and allow your mind to rest. Naps are always a go-to as well. It is very important to rest your brain after learning or reviewing something so you can better retain it. Whether it be naps in spurts of thirty minutes or a full eight hours a night, allow your brain to take a break.

Personally, I like to dance around in my room to some happy music. Carelessly jumping around to some of my songs is so rewarding after having my head in my notes for hours on end.

Likewise, when studying, I like to turn on some instrumental or Lo-Fi music to keep my brain juices flowing. If you have Spotify, I recommend “Lo-Fi Beats” or “Instrumental Study,” but sometimes I like to mix it up a little and listen to “3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery & Relaxing Music for Stress Relief” on YouTube.

Every now and then, my books no longer suffice as companions, so I call up a friend just to talk about anything other than school. This also gives your brain a break and gives you a boost of happiness and energy from getting to spend some time with your friend.

This school year, while fun, has been busy, so be sure to give yourself those extra study breaks. And remember, Christmas Break is right around the corner.

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