BWi and Technology

Looking at the Evolution of Humanity and Technology Through a Biblical Lens


Junior Ronia Christopher is captivated by the speaker.

PCA held the annual Biblical World Institute (BWi) Conference on November 10 and 11. PCA’s website ( says, “BWi was created to give students, faculty and parents the opportunity to critically think about Christianity around the world.” This year’s speakers were brought in to discuss how Christians should be looking at the rapidly evolving topics of Humanity and Technology from a biblical perspective.

The speakers explored different facets of this year’s two very broad topics. Dr. John Dyer explained the technological implications within Theology. Dr. Paige Cunningham implored students to carefully analyze the bioethics of technology. Danielle Rice of Dunham+Company examined the Social Dilemma. Tim Turner assessed the Church’s partnership with technology. Nils Smith educated the audience in the realm of cryptocurrency. Dr. Jacob Shatzer highlighted the sub-topics of Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Paul Maurer, who was later joined by Assistant U.S. Attorney Camelia Lopez for a panel discussion, commented on the implications of cybersecurity during the coming years. Jason Illian of Koch Disruptive Technologies and Dr. Alicia Makaye advised the audience on how to prepare for the future of work in connection with technology. Lastly, United States Marine Corps Veteran and CEO of Jacob Schick discussed his service in the Corps and how technology has saved and improved his life.

Valuable information was gained during these two days. Students were asked about their time during BWi, specifically their favorite speakers. Senior Josh Lee said, “Jacob Schick because he talked about his life experiences but in a unique applicable manner which kept the attention and got me motivated.”

Junior Jannan Jeihanni said, “I loved Dr. John Dyer’s comments on theology and technology because he showed that he knew his audience well and his presentation helped me engage with the topic.” Dr. Dyer prefaced his discussion by having the audience use the flashlights on their phones to answer questions about their sentiments toward technology.

Freshman Ian O’Brien said, “I enjoyed listening to Dr. Jacob Shatzer’s input not just on technology but on many other topics that are applicable to my daily life.” Senior Garrett Taylor said, “Nils Smith was really interesting to listen to because his commentary on cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly prevalent, so I was excited to learn more about it.”

After these two days, parents, teachers, students and faculty left this year’s BWi conference with more insight about Humanity and Technology, but more importantly, how Christians should approach these topics. To watch the 2020 BWi conference, visit