Go Lions Go!

PCA’s 2020 Cross Country Team


Graphic Created By Kade Kernal

The Varsity Cross Country Team poses for a photo after a meet.

The running Lions are back at it again, proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. The 2020 Cross Country team is once again showing everyone that they are competing at the peak performance possible despite COVID-19. The team is not only competing with other schools, but also with each other for the fastest time and a chance to participate in future competitions. According to Senior Josh Lee, “COVID-19 affected how many people could compete in each meet. Only the top ten were allowed to attend each meet so not everyone on the team got to experience them.” Because of this, each member of the team is working hard to be as good as possible for the chance to compete against other schools. This is just one reason why the Cross Country team is such an elite group of athletes.

Team leaders, Josh and Senior Wyatt Rhodes are trying to inspire the underclassmen to be better before meets and during practices. “I motivate the team with my energy before the meets, and they look up to that,” said Wyatt. The Seniors are working hard this year to keep the team uplifted and performing to the best of their ability even though only the best athletes can compete.

As the season comes to an end, the senior team members are reminiscing on past years and their most memorable experiences on the team. Wyatt recalls winning District for both Varsity and Junior Varsity this year. Josh remembers the funny stories of a former teammate, JD. All in all, the Cross Country team has not let anything stand in its way to perform at the best of its ability and proven once again who they are.