Senior Year Memories: Food, Folks, and Fun

There are a few perks to being a Senior.


Graphic Created By Kade Kernal

Senior students enjoy off-campus lunch by going to restaurants all around the metroplex.

One thing that everyone looks forward to about Senior year is off-campus lunch. Off-campus lunch gives students the opportunity every Wednesday to eat with their friends at a local restaurant. Even better, if you have an early release you get an extra hour or so due to the fact that fourth period is moved to third.

One of Senior Charlotte Carpenter’s favorite things about this year is having off campus lunch. Charlotte said, “I usually pick a place like McAlister’s or a sandwich place since I have cheer later and need a light, yet filling nutritious meal.” She loves off-campus lunch so she can fuel up for her cheer practice; it is crucial that she be ready mentally and physically.

Senior Hannah Stoutmire adores off-campus lunch. Hannah said, “I love being able to scavenge the streets to find something to feast upon, especially Eatzi’s.” She loves being able to mingle with all of her friends during lunch and being able to eat with anyone in the senior class who typically aren’t in either of her lunches.

Senior Grant Arthur loves off-campus lunch, too. Grant said, “I usually get two and a half hours of lunch since I have early release. I really like having this time since it’s a needed break from classes.” Senior off-campus lunch allows students to have a brain break and a chance to relax and regroup before their last period of the day on Wednesday.

Off-campus lunch is a privilege and allows students to get a break from school for awhile and to choose a restaurant of their liking. McAllister’s and Eatzi’s are two very popular restaurants among students. Off-campus lunch is by far one of the best things about being a senior and students look forward to having this privilege all of Upper School.