Small Crowds, Live Streaming: The New Norm for Athletics

The New Norm for Athletics


Sydney McGary

PCA vs. Prosper

Varsity sports are a big deal in the fall in Texas, and local secondary campuses are doing their best to prepare for athletic events in light of a global pandemic. It may seem as though there will be no excitement for the upcoming season, however, athletes and fans are actually jubilant about the possibility of a sports season. Everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to hear the plans on how to make fall sports season happen.

The thought of fans at sporting events has been non-existent for months and even the thought of playing sports has been scarce. Students have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to support their peers. Mrs. Kari Henry, Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director, said, “Active players [for Volleyball] are given two tickets at the moment and four tickets are in the works. For football, nothing is finalized until October when we have our first home game.” The work and effort that has gone into the process of making sure PCA is following the right guidelines for TAPPS is extensive.

“I am still glad I get to play the game I love even if I have to do it differently,” said Senior Varsity Football player, Randell Holmes. It can be difficult for players to continue to get excited for this upcoming season when they do not know the outcome, or if they will have fans there to support them. Holmes keeps his positive mental attitude in all circumstances so this year will still be enjoyable. Just as football players are still optimistic, volleyball players are too.

“Without the fans it takes away the excitement about being able to show off all our hard work and talent, but I think the season will still be very fun considering that we are still able to play and win games,” said Senior Varsity Volleyball player, Trista Graff. The Varsity Volleyball team is excited they are able to play this season.

PCA’s Film and Broadcasting students, Lion Nation Studios, will be livestreaming the football games online. This decision was made so fans will be able to watch the entirety of the games from the comfort of home to accommodate smaller crowds in-person to accommodate proper social distancing. The upcoming seasons may not be fully developed and decided, but the Athletic Department is working hard to plan and keep everyone safe.