A Moment in Time

Return to Fall Play

It’s time. It’s the moment you have all been waiting for. PCA Fall sports are finally here; Volleyball, Football, Cheer, Pom and Cross Country. All athletes are overjoyed to be able to come back and play.

Although the number of fans is limited everyone is still excited to get back out there. “The biggest change to our season has been the schedule and fans. We are so used to starting the season before school starts, but we are definitely hoping to get more fans in the stands, especially as we make a playoff run,” said Head Varsity Volleyball Coach Jillian Bryant. Even though there are many new restrictions, it does not mean this season will not be the best one yet. “I am looking forward to the potential of this young team,” said Mrs. Bryant. Obviously this season will look a little different, but it will be as normal as it can be.

“Being a captain means being able to lead the team off and on the court and being someone that the team can look up to,” said Junior Lauren Chambers. She will help lead the team as much as she can. “This year I’m excited to bond with my teammates and improve as a player,” Lauren said. The volleyball team is looking solid and they are ready to get back out there and play.

At the beginning of the school year, almost everyone looks forward to Friday Night Lights.Junior Spencer Maguire said, “This season looks really good, so I feel very prepared. We have a lot of young guys on the team, so I’m excited to see how we come together because we are such a loud and spirited team.” Everyone will need to go to the games and support and cheer on the school as much as they can. Maguire has the faith to see that it will be a memorable season regardless of the circumstances.

Cross Country has been practicing hard and has already accomplished their first few meets. Senior Josh Rutherford is finishing up his last season. “As a Senior, I’m excited to be one of the oldest people on the team. We also have plenty of new teammates this year so I’m ready to share my enthusiasm for the sport.” As Josh finishes out his last season, he has cherished all the memories in Upper School he has been able to make. “Our team has expanded quite a bit from last year so practices and meets are fun.”