Paused in Motion

Fans and players alike experience feelings of loss over sports seasons cut short.

When you turn on the TV, there is always a major sport playing that you can watch. Ever since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, every professional, minor, and recreational league has shut down. Players around the world have been diagnosed with the virus.
Starting March 11, leagues began cancelling seasons indefinitely to protect the health of players and fans. The NBA, NBA G-League, MLS, NCAA, NHL, MLB, XFL, and more all decided to play it safe and cancel their seasons. These cancellations have not only hurt the players, but also the fans who regularly watch the games. On March 17th, Kevin Durant and three other members of the Brooklyn Nets received positive results from Coronavirus tests. Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and others have also tested positive for the virus, but remain healthy and well. The number of players testing positive for the virus is overwhelming and tragic. With having no sports, many will feel the economic impact, and fans everywhere are feelign the loss of sports broadcasting across their television stations worldwide who have had nothing to broadcast but recaps and highlights. Star players such as Zion Williamson, Rudy Gobert, Kevin Love, and others have donated money to either the NBA staff or to organizations raising money to help find the cure for this virus. Other athletes have donated money to combat the outbreak and fund research for medications for treatment, or even a vaccine or a cure.
PCA’s Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, and Track and Field teams have all had their seasons postponed or paused indefinitely because of the virus. “It is a weird feeling having no sports to watch and not being able to play at this time, our Varsity Baseball team was just about to enter the most important part of our season and we were looking forward to trying to win some State rings, but if we get to go back we will find it,” said Senior Varsity Baseball player Jack Walton. People across the world are staying at home either by choice or government mandate. They are not able to play or watch sports for the first time in many people’s lives. “It’s sad that many of our talented athletes did not get to finish their season. This is a weird time as it has not happened to anyone that is currently on this earth. God has a plan for why this virus came to disrupt our society but everything is in his hands and sports are no exception. PCA Tennis will be back next year with a desire to win more than ever,” said Varsity Tennis Head Coach, Mr. Alex Baker. This unfortunate time can remind us of God’s sovereignty, knowing that he works all things for good, even to the biggest sports fans.