COVID-19 Presses Pause on the World

Virus may prove to be the biggest current event of 2020


Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

“The danger of the Coronavirus is not only its deadly impact, but also the way it is transmitted.”

The year 2020 has already had some tremendous events, and sad to say, many events have been challenging. With the great Kobe Bryant’s sudden death and the raging forest fires in Australia, this year has not had a good start. On top of these horrible events, now we have the appearance of the Coronavirus. At the very end of 2019, the world’s attention was called to Wuhan City in China. A few cases of this disease began rapidly spreading and thus began the worldwide panic.
The danger of the Coronavirus is not only its deadly impact, but also the way it is transmitted. COVID-19 has the ability to travel from person to person in the air and has an incubation period that can last up to 14 days. It is very hard to spot. The survival rate of COVID-19 is actually really high compared to other pandemics throughout history. Even though people have been trying their best to stop the spread of this virus, cases have surpassed 13,000 as of March 23rd, and it seems like the numbers will keep rising.
The CDC has posted some ways to help stop the spread of this virus. First, the biggest way to stop the spread is to stay away from other people, as this disease is spread by close contact. According to the World Health Organization, if the population would stay home and self-quarantine and only go out when it is essential, the rate of the virus’s spread would drop.
The CDC also cites that a major way to protect yourself and others is by washing your hands. Washing your hands can help stop the spread of germs. With the many things that we touch, the CDC also suggests not touching your face. If people would listen to these very easy recommendations the virus’ spread could be contained and could result in “flattening the curve.” The Coronavirus is a dangerous disease, but the hope is that when America comes together, the spread of the disease can be contained.