PCAplus: Beyond Brick and Mortar

PCAplus offers both a virtual school option or a hybrid option (taking up to three classes on the PCA campus and the remainder of courses online). Students who enroll in the hybrid model can come to campus to take different core classes and electives. Many different athletes are involved in PCAplus because of their schedule and involvement in competitive sports outside of school.
Multiple athletes including Chae Campbell (12), Madison Benson (12), and Isabel Mabanta (12) are a part of PCAplus. Additionally, Sarah Sign (12) and Connell Curtis (10) are also enrolled in PCAplus, but with different lifestyles. Sarah Sign (12) is a National Merit Commended Scholar and attends PCAplus as a hybrid student. Connell Curtis (10) is a full-time virtual student and is currently living in Belize while taking her courses online. Each student uses her time outside of the online classroom to pursue extracurricular activities.
Senior Chae Campbell is a gymnast who appreciates the flexible school schedule. “PCAplus has been a blessing to me. Since I have a busy gymnastics schedule, I needed a school that would allow me the flexibility to travel for my meets during the season, and lucky for me, I found this program,” said Chae. These students are provided many opportunities through virtual school that they otherwise would not be able to pursue.
Senior Madison Benson, who is also a competitive gymnast said, “I am so proud of being a PCAplus student! I am blessed to enjoy an amazing campus, great teachers and counselors who truly care about my future.”
The atmosphere at PCAplus is encouraging and helpful to all the students involved. The teachers individually help the students meet their needs while juggling their complex schedules. Sophomore Olivia Stunkel moved from Las Vegas to attend PCAplus along with her two siblings.
Junior Hannah Ratcliff transferred from Faith Christian Academy to further her education with PCAplus, completing both her Junior and Senior year classes in one year in order to graduate early. Both of these students have formed a friendship and a bond that is unbreakable. Olivia and Hannah also share a desire to participate in the mission field when they are finished with school.
Through the many opportunities that PCAplus provides, the virtual school and community continues to grow its student body. Virtual school often answers needs that traditional brick and mortar schooling does not.