Competition Cheer Takes On Orlando

The Win the Team Brought Back


From pyramids to stunting, the Competition Cheer team brought home the win from the FCC Cheer Competition. Throughout the trip, the girls not only cheered\; they also had the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as going to Universal Studios. The team went to Orlando, Florida to compete and to bond as a team.
All of the team members enjoyed the trip to Orlando. There were many great activities planned out for fun and bonding. Junior Emme Reid said, “My favorite part of going to Orlando with the Competition Cheer team was being able to bond with new people that I would have never talked to. It really encourages us to get out of our normal circle of friends.” Many girls who went on the trip came back to Texas with new friends. Along with bonding with teammates while doing fun activities, new connections were made in the hotel rooms that they were placed in. “This trip required me to branch out and hang out with people that I would not normally have, and I’m glad about that because the people that I roomed with became some of my best friends in a matter of days,” said Junior Ellie Schutz.
While in Orlando, the team went to Universal Studios and spent several hours riding rides and having fun in the different parks there. From Harry Potter World to Islands of Adventure, the thrilling rides provided a great adrenaline rush. “We had a great time bonding and spending time together,” said Sophomore Rachelle LaFayette. Universal Studios provided a fun outlet from the hardcore cheer practices that the girls on the trip had to face.
Although team bonding is essential, that is not the only reason why the Competition Cheer team went to Orlando. The team went out of state so that they could compete in the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders Competition. Along with having fun, the girls on the team practiced their routine every day to make sure that they were prepared for the upcoming competition. After the girls competed, they nervously waited for awards; they hoped that they would win first place. As team names were called for third place, then second place, the girls became excited that their name had not yet been called. The drum roll was intense as first place was about to be announced. After maybe thirty seconds, it was announced that PCA was the 2020 FCC Grand Champion. The crowd went wild and the girls were jumping up and down, celebrating their victory. The Competition Cheer team brought home the win for the school. The Orlando trip provided many great opportunities for the Competition Cheer team. From practices to bonding to competitions, the girls had a blast.