Meet the Player: Sophia Jerome Varsity Volleyball


Age you started this sport?

“I started playing volleyball at 7 years old.”

How many hours a week do you practice?

“I typically practice 12 hours a week.”

Name one thing you are working to improve right now. 

“My serving during games.”

Pre-game ritual?

“A few teammates and I have a routine dance we always do before the game to hype us up. We have to do it to play well.”

What’s something you need to do before a game?

“I always need to pop my back.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“They would probably describe me as hardworking and fun.”

Who is your role model, and why?

“My mom is my role model because she is the most selfless person I have ever met and does everything for her kids.”

What is the hardest thing about volleyball?

“The hardest thing is keeping a good mental state when you are not playing well. It is hard, but you have to try and stay positive for the team.”

Name something that stresses you out, and why?

“Close games stress me out because, although it is exciting and fun, it is also the most stressful part of playing.”

Name a recent accomplishment you are proud of, and why? 

“Not recent, but winning State last season. It was the best feeling ever.”

Before I graduate, I want to ________, and why?

“Go skydiving, I have always wanted to and it looks fun.”

Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?

“I am half Ukranian.”