Fall Follies 2019: Outreach Through Song


Senior Ansley Dale leads during Fall Follies 2019 at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

It’s Fall, and that means time for Prestonwood Baptist Church’s Fall Follies! During Fall Follies, students commit their time to practicing and perfecting intense song and dance moves. Fall Follies 2019 shows took place in mid-October, with four performances and about 300-400 students participating. It was a busy couple of months for leaders who taught the dances and the musical numbers as well as for students who learned the dances and performed. 

Prestonwood continues to put on Fall Follies annually; each year the number of participants increases. The idea of fellowship and community attracts parents to involve their students to have fun with their friends while getting to show off their singing and dancing skills. One of the many purposes of Fall Follies is to spread the gospel through creative and attractive performances. The money raised goes to fund student participation on Prestonwood Student Ministry mission trips. One fun aspect of Follies is that during intermission, the location of next summer’s student choir mission trips is announced for both Middle School and High School.

The theme of Fall Follies this year was “Greatest Hits,” which included artists and bands like Elvis, Black Eyed Peas, and many more. New talent joins the choir every year, bringing more opportunities for singers and dancers to display their abilities. When asked what her favorite part of Follies was, Junior Mia Dorsett said, “Performances, because everyone goes full out and it is more fun, also being able to open the show.” Mia was one of the four soloists for the opener, “Black Eyed Peas.” With many practices and late nights, involvement in Follies resulted in community and bonding. “My favorite memory from Fall Follies was doing The Greatest Showman finale last year with all of my friends,” said Junior Kylie Lamm.

Each show’s finale brings excitement and energy to the stage; this year it was a combination of different songs. Senior Pierson Gaines decided to join the show this year. “It’s my Senior year, and I wanted to try some new things,” Pierson said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel and exemplify the Lord on the stage through music.”

Fall Follies 2019 was one for the books, with new performances people had never seen before. This was one of the best opportunities for students to learn more about how they can glorify God through the gift of singing and dancing while also having fun participating in the show.