Red Ribbon Week: Teaching Students To Make Healthy Choices

Throughout the week, as students look around, they will see red ribbons on campus to help them to be mindful of seeking a life of significance for the Lord.


McKenzie French

The Lower School celebrates Red Ribbon Week with decorating the outside of the school with red ribbons as parents drive-up through carpool.

Prestonwood Christian Academy, along with many other schools across the nation, is observing and celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a campaign that has helped prevent the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have planned a number of age-appropriate activities to help motivate students to participate and teach good decision-making skills. This week is also highly focused upon building a healthy foundation for decision-making that will last a lifetime.

The Lower School has planned an activity for each day. They will take time to talk about and understand why they should follow God’s commandments. On Monday, students will be concentrating on Isaiah 6:8 while deciphering a secret code for fun! Students will also be given red bracelets to wear. On Tuesday, students will learn ways to stop bullying and say, “NO” when offered something that is harmful. They will be focusing on following God’s commandments and acknowledging 2 Timothy 2:15. On Wednesday, students will read Luke 6:31 while understanding how our actions can speak louder than our words. They will also receive buttons saying, “Be Kind.” Students will focus on Mark 16:15 on Thursday and understand how to share an important message in various languages. To wrap up the week, students will wear red shirts and jeans while attending a special Friday chapel about how God has great plans for their life. “Red Ribbon Week is an excellent way to begin helping young children learn how to make healthy decisions for themselves.  We try to focus on the truth that they belong to God and need to care for their bodies and minds in a way that honors Him,” said Mrs. Patty Gobin, Lower School Counselor.

Middle School students will be learning to make healthy choices, including abstaining from harmful substances. Fifth and Sixth Grade students will be having discussions in their Bible classes and attending a special chapel on Monday. Our Seventh and Eighth Grades will be watching videos and having discussion time during activity period as well as a special chapel on Thursday. “Our focus this year is a healthy foundation; our desire is for our students to understand that the choices we make can affect the temple that God has given us to use to serve others,” said Mrs. Denise Thornton, Middle School Counselor.

Upper School will be recognizing Red Ribbon Week by watching a video clip and having class discussion each day. The goal of this week will be to provide each student with valuable information as they use wisdom and discernment to make choices that line up with living a life for the Lord. Starting Tuesday, students will talk about the use of drugs and alcohol, how to abstain and receive help if affected by them. On Wednesday, students will learn about the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving. Students will hear a guest speaker during Thursday’s chapel who will discuss the dangers of vaping.  Upper School students may also wear a red t-shirt with jeans on Thursday. To close out the week, on Friday the Upper School will have discussions about what they wish adults would understand about peer pressure and struggles in today’s society. “The goal of the week is to have open dialogues about the pressures that students face and give them the tools to make good decisions and avoid the pressures to succumb to what the world says is okay,” said Mrs. Wendy Morris, Upper School Principal. Throughout the week, as students look around, they will see red ribbons on campus to help them to be mindful of seeking a life of significance for the Lord.