Lions Dominate the Trojans


At PCA’s Varsity Football home opener, the Lions met the Trinity Christian Academy Trojans at Lions Stadium. In the days before the football game, tensions were already high with the Trojans due to the recent Girl’s Volleyball matchup, when the Lions lost in four sets at home. The Trojans came into the game 0-2 and facing the 1-1 Lions with debut of the new video scoreboard in the background.

With the stadium packed and the fans going crazy, the players ran onto the field. This was the first home game of the season, and the team was ready to defeat the Trojans. The game started off with a quick touchdown to give the Lions an early lead. After the touchdown to begin the game, the Lions would score again to make the game a quick 14-0 against their rivals. This pattern would continue all the way through the first half as the Lions went into half-time 30-0. One of the great plays of the first half was by Senior Linebacker, Walker Lunsford, who had an interception to end the half. Walker, after the interception, ran off of the field and performed a cartwheel. Walker said, “Everyone was playing with intensity and playing for each other. The energy that the whole team had was crucial to the success that we had. The cartwheel was me acting off of the awesome energy.”

The hype during the game was intense with the opening of the new concession stand area and with it being designated Lower School Night. The stands were packed, and the energy was high. After a quick half and a performance by the Pom Squad and the band, the Lower School mini-Pom girls got the chance to run on the field for the half-time performance with the Pom team.

After half-time, the defeating of the Trojans would continue throughout the darkness of the night. The Lions would would score another 14 points to bring the Lions total to 44. On the last play of the game, the game ended in a 44-7 victory for Lions. Overall the game was a great success for the Lions; asthe entire school was there to cheer loud, and the stands were full of gold in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness.