A New Chapter Comes Early

 “I am excited for the new chapter of my life to begin.” – Solomon Turner


Friends, family, school; each student left a semester early to pursue their dreams. Senior Austin Stogner is leaving his high school life a semester early for University of Oklahoma; Senior Solomon Turner is going to Baylor University. Both players will participate in Spring training for football with the team before their Freshman seasons begin. Austin and Solomon are both D1 commits who play tight end and safety.

Austin said, “I am super excited to leave early; I have been here for 14 years, and it is time for a change. I feel like I am ready for this change and am prepared.”

Although both football players have expressed their sadness of leaving their friends and family a little early, Austin and Solomon are both confident in their excitement for the big change that is about to start in their careers. There are many benefits in graduating early, as they will be able to get to know the team and adapt to their new home for the next four years.

Solomon and Austin will both be enrolled in classes and will live on campus. Solomon said, “I get a head start on college classes and Spring football. My classes are that of an incoming freshman studying Communications.” Solomon is able to receive the same opportunities as a Freshman in college, not like a high school student anymore.

Solomon said, “Spring training starts as soon as I get on to campus. I will have a roommate and stay in the athletic dorms.” When he gets on campus, he will automatically be in the mix of all of the other players on the team.

Austin said, “The benefits are that I get a whole semester of college education without losing eligibility. I will be participating in everything the team does as well as classes. I will be in Spring training and will live in the dorms and will take twelve hours.” This will allow Austin to get a head start on moving into the college life before everyone else, and to begin training for his new advancement in his football career.

Solomon had a quick change in tone when he mentioned what he will miss most about leaving early. He said, “I am very sad about missing my friends who I have grown up with.” The boys will be back for graduation in May, but will miss out on special Senior events, like Prom and Minimester. Missing these events shows not only strong focus on their futures, but also determination to get better and succeed in college and collegiate level athletics. Austin said, “I am sad to leave my friends, but I am excited to start something new.”

The student body is extremely proud of Austin Stogner and Solomon Turner for their hard work and are very excited to see how they will represent as alumni beginning in January