Kick Up Your Boots at Texas Stomp: Friday, February 15th

Kick Up Your Boots at Texas Stomp: Friday, February 15th

When school comes back in session after the new year, everyone begins to look forward to the annual Texas Stomp. After the varsity basketball team plays a huge opponent, Parish Episcopal, we celebrate by heading over to the Student Ministry Building to dance it up.

The Texas Stomp brings together the students as they dance to some of the most popular country songs. Geometry teacher Mr. Caleb Cunningham leads the students through several different styles of country dancing. Mr. Cunningham said, “I enjoy all of the dancing, but the line dances are my favorite. It is a blast to watch a room full of people dancing (somewhat) in sync. My favorite country line dance is Copperhead Road, but my favorite line dance period is Footloose.”

He truly enjoys each year of volunteering. Mr. Cunningham said, “This will be my third year leading the Texas Stomp. Most years, PCA Alumni, Joy (Lord) Baker and her brother Jordan Lord, as well as Madison Paulette lead it with me. This year there is a good chance that my teacher, and master country dancer, will be joining us: my wonderful mother.”

Senior Ashley Wilson also is looking forward to the Texas Stomp. She loves to dance and has participated in the Texas Stomp since her freshman year. Ashley said, “My favorite part about the Texas Stomp is the dancing. I love getting to do the line dances in particular, and Footloose is my favorite!” Ashley also hopes to teach the dances alongside Mr. Cunningham this year as she said, “I go to Sky Ranch Family Camp every year where there is a barn dance so dancing at these events feels like home to me. I would love to maybe help teach this year.”

The Texas Stomp is new to freshmen along with the other new activities they are introduced to. Freshman Emma Skeans is excited about the Texas Stomp as she said, “Although I don’t know too many country dances, I am excited to learn some new ones. I’m planning on wearing a flannel shirt and some cowboy boots! I’m also excited to be dancing with all of my friends after watching some good basketball.” The Freshmen are looking forward to this new tradition.

With the tasty snacks and drinks to accompany this fun dance, the country style of the students comes out as well. Cowboy boots, plaid shirts, and jeans help bring together this enjoyable dance. Junior Bekah Rohn said, “Texas Stomp is a fun way to show school spirit and everyone comes to the basketball game all dressed in western clothes talking about the dance. I think it’s fun if you participate in all PCA activities, and I can’t wait for this one.”

You don’t want to miss Texas Stomp on Friday, February 15. It is such a fun way to interact with your peers and dance alongside the basketball team. So, let’s get kicking and do this thing!