All Is Calm, All Is Bright!

Each year, Upper School students crowd the Field House for the annual Silent Night basketball game.

Each year, Upper School students crowd the Field House for the annual Silent Night basketball game. Following the lead of college teams, a few years ago, PCA’s Varsity Basketball team added a new element to one game of the year. Students dress up in crazy outfits such as full body bananas suits or space alien costumes. During the beginning of the game, the PCA fans stay seated and silent until the Lions score their tenth point. Once the tenth point is scored, everyone goes crazy and keeps cheering throughout the game. This is a fun way for the student body to incorporate school traditions into a basketball game.

Players, cheerleaders, and fans all influence the game. The cheerleaders, like the fans, get to dress up too, some have even dressed up as hippies or angels. Junior Claire Ring got to participate as a Varsity cheerleader for the first time this year. Claire said that her favorite part of basketball season was “getting to see all the Seniors and grow my friendships with them since we no longer have a cheer class.” Claire said, “We decided to dress up as aliens this year.” The whole cheer team bedazzled their face and hair and dressed in neon shirts to look the part.

The fans also brought a unique aspect to the game. Groups of friends often get together and plan what they want to wear and match each other. Senior Kyle Miller has been going to the games to cheer on the team every year. This year, Kyle decided to dress up as a teddy bear. Kyle said, “The thing I was most excited for was reaching ten points.” He loved to be a part of cheering on the team to a big win.

The last perspective might be the most important, the basketball players. Senior Max McWilliams has been playing basketball all throughout high school, which means he has either watched or participated in the Silent Night game. Max said, “Yes, this is my favorite game of the season, it was fun.” The players have to stay focused amidst loud noises. It is also fun for them to see how the opposing team reacts to the PCA fans staying silent at the beginning. Max said, “The silence freaks the other team out.” This year, the team played Bishop Dunne. They choose a different team each year so that there is an element of surprise.

PCA has countless traditions throughout the year, but this might be one of the students’ favorite. It is always fun to come to the game and see the crowd full of colors and costumes. It is a tradition that should never die and brings everyone together for a fun basketball game!