Meet Mrs. McAdams…

Meet Mrs. McAdams...

PCA North classrooms are filled with the smiling faces and growing minds of 170 close-knit students. This is because of the amazing North teachers who take the typical idea of school and make it into a place full of fun and full of faith for every grade. PK-4 teacher-aide Mrs. Amanda Brookshire said, “All teachers at North encourage growth and learning through positivity and a love for Jesus. Students are encouraged to grow not only academically, but spiritually as well.”

Although every teacher deserves a moment in the spotlight, Pre-K 4 teacher Melissa McAdams stands out, for her teaching is more than just a job. Mrs. McAdams found the perfect opportunity for her and her family as PCA North opened their doors five years ago. “When they decided to open a North campus location for PCA, we immediately felt the need to pursue what this would look like for our family. As we prayed and walked through the process of attending, the doors opened and there I was, a teacher for Pre-K 4 and I had three new PCA Lions (my kids) on board. My husband and I were so excited to be a part of something that would make an eternal impact in our family” said Mrs. McAdams.

Mrs. McAdams has been teaching Pre-K 4 ever since. “What I love most is their love for school and seeing that childlike faith every day, all while loving Jesus as big as they do at their age,” Mrs. Mcadams said. Hunter Nix, PK-4 said “I love Mrs. McAdams as my teacher because she talks about Jesus.” She loves on her PK- 4 class and shows them what it truly means to be a faithful lion. Not only does she teach her students how to be good followers of Jesus she makes the classroom a fun place to be. Mrs. McAdams said, “When these students enter my classroom, I want them to be excited about what the day will hold and to get as much hands-on learning and experiences as possible to learn about the world God has created for them to enjoy.”

Mrs. McAdam’s thinks of her students as if they are truly her own. She makes sure each and every student’s needs are met on a daily basis. Caroline Philips, PK-4, said, “If Mrs. McAdams was not a teacher she would be a doctor because I like doctor’s and they help you.” Additionally, Mrs. Brookshire said, “Mrs. McAdams is so encouraging to her students. She is always willing to take a few extra minutes to encourage a child that needs a bit of extra attention that day. If she was a superhero, she would be Wonder Woman, because she can do it all!”

Lastly, Mrs. McAdam displays why teaching, for her, is more than just a job. “I work with the most amazing Early Childhood team!  The way they love their job is contagious. We laugh a lot and they push me to be better at what I do. I love seeing them every day along with the sweet faces and voices of my very own students. THAT is what makes me want to come to work every day!”