Water You Doing For H2OCO?

H2OCO skyrocketed last year as a new tradition during Homecoming week, benefitting the building of new water wells in Africa.

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Water You Doing For H2OCO?

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H2OCO skyrocketed last year as a new tradition during Homecoming week. The passion that 2018 alumna Courtney Villa portrayed towards helping people without clean water was remarkable. Through her efforts, the student body donated enough money to build three wells last year in Africa. This provision of clean water for those far away was a simple way to bless others through our Homecoming week.

This year, Senior Briley Taylor carries on the tradition. When asked about stepping up as head of H2OCO Briley said, “It is a big responsibility, but it feels good knowing that we are all working for a greater good and that all this work will benefit so many lives.” Not alone in working on this project; Briley also has a committee of Senior girls alongside her. “Having a committee helps so much. Everyone has been super helpful and on top of things. The girls have made this so much easier,” said Briley.

The passion that Taylor and other students display for this project inspires the student body to donate or purchase a lei. Taylor said, “My favorite part about H2OCO is seeing how many people get involved and how many people want to help build wells. The fact that so many students want to help people across the world is amazing and encouraging.”

Boys and girls alike can get involved and donate. When asked if he had ordered a lei, Senior Parker Panetti excitedly said, “Yes, I did!” He has enjoyed the mission aspect of getting involved. Parker added, “To build water wells for people who do not have clean water and because the leis look cool.”

Junior Maddie Doyle takes a different perspective on why she purchased a lei. She wants to show her school spirit. “I love the idea. I think it’s very unique,” said Maddie. H2OCO is a way to get multiple grade levels involved and a way to help others besides ourselves.

Sophomore Kylie Lamm is planning to make a donation for the second year in a row. Kylie said, “I know the need for fresh water and the problems dirty water creates, so it is important to me to help in any way that I can.” When asked if she will carry on the tradition, she said, “I want to help carry out this tradition because it is an important cause.”

Who knew that someone could take a simple tradition of Homecoming and use it to help others on the other side of the world? Thankfully, Upper School students have continued to carry on the tradition. The goal is to build three-to-five wells this year. Stay tuned for the results of how those in Africa will be blessed by this fundraiser.