Lions Turn Back the Trojans

The pressure is on when it comes to playing your rival...


There is pressure when it comes to playing your rival school. Finding so many faces behind the opposing team’s facemasks only adds to the excitement and fervor. On Friday night, fans on both sides cheered loudly to try to will their team to victory. But in the end, the Lions handled the pressure and beat the Trinity Trojans 30-10 in front of the Trojan’s home crowd.

The Lions came into the game with level-heads and knew what they set out to do. Senior Freddy Gattelaro said, “We treated this rivalry game like it was any other game. We prepared day-to-day and tried to not think about who we were playing.”

Throughout the first half, the Lions dominated on both sides of the ball despite another rain delay for the second week in a row. Senior Michael Daniel said, “The rain delay definitely affects our passing game, but we have had experience practicing in the rain so that definitely helped.”

Prestonwood would score the first 30 points of the game off of several explosive plays including a punt return for a touchdown by Sophomore Chase Lowery and a pick-6 by Senior David Martin. The Lions would coast to a comfortable victory in an uneventful second half.