A Seasoned Tradition Continued

They lead the student section… they scream the chants… they support the teams… they are the Bleacher Boys.


The score on the illuminated scoreboard is close, with the Lions falling behind by just a few points. The whole audience is drawn into the game, watching every move like a hawk. The chants begin by the cheerleaders, and some of the audience joins in, but the spirit is too weak to influence the energy on the field.

Suddenly, five Seniors in matching all-white overalls with their last names printed vibrantly on the pocket of their attire each raise up both of their hands, holding megaphones, and roar the chant, overpowering everyone chanting in the stands. They are intent on hyping up the student section to join them. The loudness causes chaos on the field, as the Lions gain confidence and energy radiating from the bleachers and the opposing team becomes distracted by the amplified school spirit.

They lead the student section… they scream the chants… they support the teams… they are the Bleacher Boys. These boys hold the duty of keeping the audience rowdy in games to hype up the players. The boys bring their flashy overalls, noisemaking megaphones, and their screaming voices to every game to show their support for their Lions.

The passing down of this duty by the Seniors is a tradition the boys have held for years. The Senior class of 2018 that included Thomas Sherman, Harrison Lawrence, Travis Pratt, Jeremy Miller, and Max Kyser passed down the honor of holding the title “The Bleacher Boys” to the Seniors of this year: Cole Cowman, Garrett Belding, Jackson Plumlee, Cole Trammel, and McCrae Wiest. They pass down this honor typically in the Spring during “Senior Will” Chapel.

Senior Jackson Plumlee said, “It is not only a privilege, but an honor to be passed down the pride of this soul-reflecting title as one of the five chosen Bleacher Boys, because it was passed down by past Seniors. It is a very fun time to lead the student section in chants and going crazy for our school.”

The responsibility of this job is to keep the student section alive and to cheer on the blue and gold for the entire game. You can catch the Bleacher Boys at Volleyball games, Football games, Basketball games, Soccer games, and Pep Rallies.

Senior Garrett Belding said, “If I had to describe who the Bleacher Boys are, I would say we are a bunch…trying to get rowdy and bring energy to the student section. Simple as that.”