Tiny But Mighty

For the PCA North Middle School Volleyball team, it was love at first spike.

For this group of girls, it was love at first spike. The small PCA North Middle School Volleyball team begins the season strong, claiming the win in their second match against Denton Calvary. There is still a lot of room for growth on the team, but they are leaving their hearts on the court and playing as a team. PCA North Principal Greg Wright, says he would love to see them “develop the foundational skills that will carry them into a successful Upper School Volleyball Program in the future.”


As they are finding out, winning doesn’t come easily: it all starts with practice. Coach Stewart, head coach for PCA North Middle School Volleyball, explains, “These young ladies are willing to work hard and take initiative.  Most of our team is new to volleyball or have limited experience in the sport. Seeing these girls accomplish what they did not know they could do at the beginning of the season is fun to be a part of.” The small team has experienced their ups and downs together but the close-knit family type group seems to be able to overcome it all.


They are a very strong and determined group. Even so, as a young team, they are still learning the game and learning what it takes to be on top. Wright observes, “They play great as a TEAM, play with emotion, and most importantly they encourage each other.” The team aspect of the game is essential to winning games, and by having chemistry and playing together it makes the game that much more fun.


Madigan Matthews, PCA North Eighth grade student, compares the story of this small but strong team with a powerful song. “A song that I think really describes our team is ‘Lean On Me’ by Bill Withers. Whenever one of us messes up, the rest of the team is there to support them no matter the circumstance” says Madigan. In Volleyball, the team not only consists of player positions, such as setter, libero, or hitter, but also positions within the group itself. Some act as encouragers, motivators, challengers, line touchers and leaders.


Whether it’s on the bench, or in the game, the harmony between players is evident because of their work ethic and teamwork. Coach Stewart says that “The main area I have seen growth this year is in our leadership.  Madigan Matthews and Logan Daugherty have both taken on the roles of leader, encourager and mentor to their teammates. Having players on the court take charge is a vital part of building a program.”


Finally, these girls are not on their own. They have their tiny, but very rowdy student section with Mr. Wright leading the chants. They are also supported by their amazing parents and school staff, who stand behind them all the way. Jessa Mathews, PCA North Seventh grade student, says, “My parents encourage me by telling me that it does not matter if you lose, although winning is always more fun, it just matters that you tried your best and never gave up.” She also says, “That you are not ever playing alone, you have a whole team behind you to help.”


These girls leave their hearts out on the floor every practice and every game, but what makes them special is how much they not only love to play the sport but how much they love each other. Matthews describes the strength of her team, “We love to cheer each other on. When one person has a success, everyone celebrates.” This is exactly what kind of heart it takes to become great connoisseurs of the sport. These girls truly embody the well-known phrase, tiny but mighty.