Tired of boot camp, barre and CrossFit?

Orangetheory brings high energy workouts to a sleek, stylish setting. Cardio and weights combine to burn an average of 500 calories in a 60 minute class.

March 2, 2018


Called “the best one-hour workout in the country” by “The Today Show” and the New York Times, Orangetheory sets themselves apart from other workouts with their high intensity, high results format. Sixty-minute classes take participants through treadmill, rower and floor work with each class different than the one before. With an average burn rate of 500 or more calories per class, Orangetheory Fitness seems to be effective.

“My sister and I have been going to Orangetheory for a while. I like that it’s something we get to do together and stay in shape at the same time. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody looking to stay fit while avoiding boring exercises,” said Sophomore Jenna Gile.

“I’m fairly new to Orangetheory, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for an upbeat, engaging exercise routine. The flexible class schedules allow it to fit within my busy schedule, and the workouts change every time, so it never gets old,” said Senior McKinley Halliwell.

The workout is individualized but done in a group setting. A coach for each workout checks on individuals offering instruction and motivation. This results in the energy of a group workout coupled with the attention and assistance of a personal coach.

Class members wear an individual heart rate monitor while working out that keeps record of weight, age, etc. During the class, each participant’s current heart rate is projected in a particular color on monitors around the room. Each color represents one of the five heart rate zones, displayed on the screens as gray, blue, green, orange and red. The goal is to stay in the orange or red zones for at least 12 minutes of the class which translates to the user reaching 84 percent or more of their maximum heart rate for that length of time.

Along with the heart rate and color zone, the monitor shows calories burned and minutes spent in the orange or red zone for each user. Seeing how others are doing inspires members to strive harder and reach the orange zone. Each minute spent in the orange or red zone gains the user a splat point. If a user gains 12 splat points, the body launches into the after-burn effect, burning extra calories for 24-36 hours after the workout concludes.

This after-burn effect comes from research on what’s known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC. Studies at the University of New Mexico recommend that, “When working with clients who want to maximize energy expenditure through EPOC, focus on developing their training status so they can perform higher intensity exercise for periods of 30 minutes or more. In addition, regularly incorporate interval training workouts, as this type of training positively enhances EPOC.”

The Orangetheory Fitness design helps individuals all over the fitness spectrum, from professional athletes to beginners. The coaches provide additional options for the workouts, allowing users to safely perform movements that work around any physical issues. They encourage participants to push until an uncomfortable feeling hits, and then maintain that pace, weight or speed.

Their studios provide top-of-the-line equipment and lively music in addition to men’s and women’s restrooms and showers for those going straight to school, work or the like. The equipment is cleaned numerous times throughout the classes, as well as after a class has come to a close.

Classes are often full so plan ahead and arrive early. Also, plan to focus so the music doesn’t interfere with instructions from the leader.

There are locations in Plano, Frisco and Castle Hills, and the first class is free with online registration.

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