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Something for Everyone

From skiing to movies to fireworks, students celebrate Thanksgiving in unique ways.

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For most, Thanksgiving means love, laughter and food that lasts for days. Students share the traditions their families cling to during this time.

 “For Thanksgiving, my mom’s side of the family and I travel to Colorado. There, we stay in a condo with our family and go skiing. After that, we go to my Mimi’s house, watch the football game and have a huge dinner. We play cards and socialize with each other.”

 Sophomore Hadley Harrison

“For my Thanksgiving, my family and I go to Kansas City with a bunch of family. We grocery shop at the last minute, get a huge turkey to cook, rolls and popcorn for the movie we will watch later. My favorite part about all this is getting to make pound cake and chocolate cake.”

Sophomore Morgan Hervey

“I like to go to Mississippi to spend time with family and friends. The best part is getting to catch up on everything and eating scrumptious home-cooked meals.”

Junior Hannah Wageman

“My family and I always go to my grandma’s house. Our special tradition

is eating velvet cake.”

Sophomore Samantha Seal

“I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with family.”

Junior Matthew O’Reilly

“We have family breakfast and hang out for the rest of the day.”

Senior Jeremiah Lewis

 “I just eat all the food I can handle.”

Junior Payton Hicks

“We always go hunting and set off fireworks for Thanksgiving.”

Junior Jonathan Rountree

“Our whole family on my dad’s side gathers at one house, and we always

eat tamales the day before Thanksgiving.”

Senior Caroline Dow

“My dad and I go and see a midnight movie every year for Thanksgiving.”

Senior Nathan McKenzie

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