Tall Texans

Cowboys and cowgirls celebrate Texas at the Kindergarten State Fair.

You pull up your jeans and grab your special plaid shirt from the drawer. Grabbing your brand-new cowboy boots, you pull them on your feet and tuck your jeans into them. You jump into your car seat, buckle the clasps, and take a deep breath. This is the day you don’t wear a uniform, you don’t learn about mammals, you don’t even have recess. But you do know one thing. Today is the Kindergarten State Fair of Texas, and you could not be more excited.

The Kindergarten State Fair celebrated everything learned in the unit on the history, facts, and culture of Texas. Kindergarten students dressed up in their best western wear and spent the afternoon rotating through fun interactive activities related to Texas. As Kindergarten teacher Ms. Robyn Pryor said, “Come on over for a boot-scootin’ time!”

All five Kindergarten classes had Texas-themed activities set up for the students. The children played Texas arcade games, did Texas two-step line dancing, played Texas BINGO, barrel raced on stick ponies, practiced target shooting, tossed horseshoes, had their faces painted, took a turn on the armadillo cake walk, and enjoyed cookie branding.

Malini Caesar said, “I was the most excited to do the face painting because I love coloring and painting.” The students participated in cooperative activities and learned additional history about their home state in fun, creative ways.

Emma Rhue said, “I loved that my mommy can come to school with me and learn more about Texas. She doesn’t normally get to come to my school so I was really excited.”

Dustin Ward said, “I was really excited I got to wear cowboy clothes because I don’t usually get to wear them.” This was a big deal for the young students because they didn’t have to be in dress code for the day.