Living Water: It is Well With My Soul

Seniors start movement to give Homecoming lasting impact by raising funds for water wells in Africa.


“Water” you doing for Homecoming?

While glittery mums and garters typically fill the hallways, this Homecoming many will wear fresh flower leis as part of a new tradition – H2OCO. H2OCO Fresh Water Well Project is a Senior-led movement to allow some of the money spent at Homecoming to have a lasting effect. Students who purchased a lei support a project to provide access to clean water to villages in the Raiki District in Uganda, Africa.

Leis will be worn in place of, or in addition to, a mum or garter. Leis sold for $40, some of which covered the expense of the lei, but the majority of the money went to the fund. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will receive leis of purple flowers, while the Seniors’ leis are all white just like Senior mums. Middle School even joined in the effort by wearing bracelets to raise awareness and making donations.

H2OCO offers students a way to look beyond themselves and the excitement of Homecoming to help people truly in need. Senior Kaci Carter said, “I am getting a lei along with my mum, because I want to participate in the movement.”

In Africa, access to clean water is rare. Water there carries harmful bacteria and kills thousands of children a day. The initial goal was to raise $3,200, which would cover the funding to build one well. However, overwhelming participation in both the Upper School and Middle School raised money well over that initial goal.

The handmade leis are made of fresh flowers grown in Hawaii. They have a fragrant scent and look beautiful as well. Senior McKinley Halliwell said, “I am definitely getting a lei this year because they smell so good.”

Freshman Blaze Brininstool said, “Of course I’ve ordered a lei. Anything to help out.” Freshman Sophia Jerome said, “I think it’s really good that our school took the initiative to set up something half-way across the world to help other people.”

H2OCO is a chance to help change lives in Uganda by providing access to clean water. It’s not too late to help out. Donations can still be made through Monday, October 9, at:

Listen at the Homecoming football game to hear the final amount of money raised for the project.