Six Things a New Upper School Student Should Know

Becoming a Lion means more than learning your way around. These tips will help new Upper School students feel at home in their new school.

Upper School Principal Mrs. Wendy Morris welcomes new students during Back to School Day.

Photo by Tyler Wright

Upper School Principal Mrs. Wendy Morris welcomes new students during Back to School Day.

Understand the Rules

There is a defined code of student conduct, and it’s a good idea to read through it.

“I didn’t realize how strict the dress code would be,” said Senior Jamie White, who transferred last year from Willow Bend Academy. Dress code, cell phone usage, social media activity and parking outside prescribed areas are among uniquely defined expectations in the code. They, along with all the other rules outlined in the code of conduct, can result in detentions, Saturday school or more depending on the offense.

The main goal is to develop Christ-followers who are ready to change the world. That means high expectations and seeking to be set-apart.

And, “Don’t fall asleep in Mr. Lee’s class…” joked Senior Ricky Baker. Ricky came to the school halfway through last year from Denton Guyer. Bible teacher Mr. Steve Lee will give you a wake up call you don’t want.

The Staff Cares

The teachers want to see you succeed not just in the classroom, but in life. 

It is a priority for the staff to invest in and shepherd students through the Upper School experience. These are some of the finest teachers in Texas. They are here for us, care for us and strive to be Christian role models for us.

“I was surprised my teachers were patient with me. I came halfway through the year so I wasn’t up to speed like everyone else and none of my teachers let me get left behind,” Ricky said.

Join a Team/Extracurricular Activity

Finding a way to plug in outside the classroom will help your transition

Most students participate in diverse clubs, fine arts and the sports teams the school has to offer. This also can create a solid base for new students coming in with few or no friends.

“Join a sports team. I joined soccer and will never regret it. Although I already had made friends because the year was well underway, it was an easy way to make even more friends,” said Jamie.

Branch Out

Students always try new things. It’s never too late.

This is an atmosphere where exploring new interests is encouraged. Don’t limit yourself to only one sport or activity. Also, getting to know students in other grades is easy and helpful as this is a small community.

“Branching out is important. You never know what can happen from it. It might lead to new friendships that will last throughout high school,” said Sophomore Jessica Florsheim who transferred from Carrollton Christian Academy.

Placing yourself in a bubble can hurt your social life and lower your chances of developing quality relationships with classmates

Don’t be Afraid

Yes, many students have been here since they were four. But, that actually means they look forward to new faces.  Jump in and enjoy yourself.

Ricky said, “I didn’t expect everyone to be as accepting to me as they were. It’s amazing here.” Whether it’s in the classroom, at lunch, at games or outside of school, Lions are mostly genuine, warm and welcoming.

Jessica said, “Don’t be afraid to talk to people you don’t know, they could turn out to be one of your closest friends, but you can’t know that without starting conversations.” The students and staff are easy to approach, and they don’t bite.

Be Yourself

This is a school where others will be real with you.

Being genuine and honest about your flaws actually will endear others to you.

“I wasn’t fake when I started here, and it’s worked out well. I now have a great group of guys that are similar to me,” Ricky said.

Putting on a mask and not being your true self with others just to fit in, isn’t a good long-term plan. Friends found that way probably aren’t the right group for you.